Fri, Jan 27, 2023

Simple Summer Ideas For Your Bedroom

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Blue and White Contemporary Bedroom

The comfy beds and a theme of blue and white color walls seem viable for the hot summer days. The designer curtains covering the cross glazed windows definitely can offer the required privacy and protection from the sun. Besides a bedside table with a night lamp can complete the look.

White Beach Style Bedroom

A beach style bedroom can be a great place to rendezvous with nature. The wooden slabs painted white dove consistent with the color of the soft bed linen can give a consistent and spacious look. The lamp placed on the wooden table and some wall art can brighten up the atmosphere. The white delivers a peaceful charm.

Eclectic Bedroom with Decorative Wall

The wall paintings or wallpapers on the wall totally boost the grandeur of an eclectic bedroom space. A traditional and royal mirror headboard of a queen sized bed, some beautiful flowers; colorfully painted wall art can best decorate a girl’s room.

Elegant Bedroom with Designed Roof

A large bedroom designed in an elegant manner can be a sophisticated treat. Not neglecting even the roof and decorating it with beautiful patterns and carvings apart from using the usual wallpaper can give an additional spark to the room. Besides, some vintage traditional mat designs, a stylish chair and settee alongside the bed can make the bedrooms a great guest chatting corner.

Shabby Chic Bedroom with Chandelier

The couple’s bedroom can be stuffed and shabby with books beneath the bed, clothes hanging in the closet. That’s the conventional way of relaxing in a chic white themed bedroom ecstatic with cool chandeliers hanging from the ceiling just above the bed.

Awesome Bedroom with Textured Wall

The brightness seeping through the large windows lit up the stylized brown textured wallpapers giving the whole room a rustic feel. The matching brown bed headboard gels well with the pink sofa sets and naturally blissful wall art.



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