5 Simple Updates to Make your Bedroom Luxurious Private Retreat

5 Simple Updates to Make your Bedroom Luxurious Private Retreat


It would be wonderful to update our bedroom by changing all the furnishings every time we want to freshen up the room, but sometimes small changes can have a big impact. Just adding one piece of furniture can make all the difference visually and provide more function for the room. Here are some suggestions for updating your bedroom to make it your own luxurious retreat.

Reduce Clutter

Storage beds are a great way to add storage to reduce clutter in the room. Hide additional linens and blankets until they are needed with drawers that fit underneath the mattress. An extra dresser or chest like the spectacular gentleman's Aico Haberdasher Chest pictured above can come in handy to store clothing and other items.

Add Glamor

Special pieces like cheval and other floor standing mirrors can add a touch of glamor to an ordinary bedroom. Look at stunning armoires that can store clothing or provide a gorgeous way to hide a bedroom TV. Animal print rugs are an enduring accent that can provide a hint of intrigue to help express your good taste.

Relax in Style

What could be more stylish than a luxurious chaise longue, French for "long chair," in the bedroom? The chaise longue is reminiscent of glamorous days gone by and creates the perfect spot for curling up with the latest novel at the end of a busy day.

Create a Tranquil Mood with Lighting

Lighting can add style to a room and create a soft, relaxing mood in the bedroom. Chandeliers like this beauty from Aico's new lighting collection can make an instant change. Remember that dimmer switches are particularly important to create a soothing vibe and add luxury.

Make Up Like a Professional

A professional looking vanity setup for your bedroom can make you feel like a movie star. Choose a Hollywood glam style like the one above, a more traditional style or an elegant contemporary vanity.



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