Furniture Shopping For New Homeowners

Furniture Shopping For New Homeowners
Purchasing a new home is an exciting time! The thrill of your new home is an awesome feeling and you can’t wait to get settled in. Your first task.. furniture shopping! Filling your home with comfortable and stylish furniture will make your home your favorite place to be. Furnishing your new home can take time and careful planning. While furnishing your home can seem overwhelming, it is an investment well worth the time and planning so that you have a home you can enjoy for years to come. Here are some helpful tips to help you get started with furnishing your new home!

Measure Measure Measure!

Measuring each room is the first and most important step in furnishing your new home. Knowing your measurements will help you to choose furniture that will fit effortlessly into each room. Understand your room space whether small or large to choose the right furniture for each room. If you have a small living room space, consider a sofa.

For a large and open living room space consider a sectional that can accommodate your room size and seating. For your dining room choose a dining table that can fit your space and seating needs. Take time to measure your bedroom and decide whether the best fit is a queen or king-size bed. Consider if you can add a dresser, mirror, and nightstands to your bedroom space!


Plan Your budget

Once you have your measurements, plan your budget. Decide your furniture shopping budget for your home. A helpful tip is to budget room by room. Once you have established your budget you can begin to research furniture prices. You can also see what items are on sale or marked as clearance! At Belfort Furniture you can always discover amazing furniture finds on sale and in our clearance center.

Establish Your Style

What’s your design style? Modern? Traditional? Industrial? Transitional? Begin your furniture shopping by finding furniture that fits your design style. Having a home that reflects you and your families personal design style will make your home a cozy space you and your family can create memories in. Plan a design style for each room and begin searching for your home furniture!

Plan Your Room Designs

Plan how you want to arrange your furniture. Is there more space for occasional tables? Can you add in a bookshelf or console? Planning the furniture in each room can help you determine how you can arrange your furniture. To make the process easy, try using a room planner tool!

Prepare For Delivery

When shopping for furniture always plan for delivery. In-stock items can be delivered in a faster time-frame. Furniture that you take the time to beautifully customize might take a little more time to arrive at your home. Make sure your furniture can fit through the doorways and hallways of our home. Try utilizing our measuring guide for a worry-free delivery!



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